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After 20yrs within the meat industry within New Zealand, Australia, France and the UK within the export and retail industry. I returned back to the retail side of the industry and noticed that peoples eating habits had changed and that they could no longer get what they desired or what their body could consume as the old school butchery days had long gone and everything is now mass produced. Sure you can go  to you local supermarket or modern day butcher shop and ask for a steak or a chop but they can provide you with a real sausage that has been made on site and tell you what the ingredients are, are they gluten free and preservative free have they got bread crumbsor fillers in them ?
This is where I come in, After working with people with these needs and wants I have come up with some products that cater for a wide variety of people and they are pretty tasty too, not bland and tasteless like you would think from not having any flour/gluten or preservatives in them.

Why Us? is a small Boutique butchery where our main goal is to provide quality products at a reasonable price NZ wide.

We specialise in gluten free preservative free products as well as providing Nitrate free bacon with no grain sugars and no grain flours, if this isn't enough we will work with you to crate something for your desired needs and wants.